This is the first account of how meeting rules and behavior have developed. It takes an historical approach, from medieval meetings to meetings of the future, and provides a volume of comparative research on the development of meeting behavior; that is, human behavior during councils, assemblies, parliaments, business conferences, and other meetings (both formal and informal), held to discuss and arrange a common future.
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Part I: Introduction
1 Meeting Behaviour and Civilization
2 The Development of the Concept of Meeting

Part II: Meetings in Military-Agrarian Societies
3 The Militarization and Demilitarization of Meetings
4 The Courtization of Meetings

PART III: Meetings During the Transition from an Agrarian to an Industrial Society
5 The Emergence of a Protestant Meeting Order
6 The Formation of the First Meeting Class in Europe

PART IV: Meetings in Industrializing and Industrialized Societies
7 Development and Spread of Parliamentary Manners
8 The Professionalization of Meeting Manners

Epilogue: Changing Meeting Behaviour as an Aspect of Civilizing Processes